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Indian Modern Saree

Designer Sarees Are the Best Options for Buying Sarees of Great Designs and Colors

Saree is a traditional outfit for women in India. This gorgeous yet very modest outfit first originated in southern India. Today it has gone a long way from its humble beginnings and reached a point where it symbolizes the classic Indian women's classic attire. The way an Indian saree adds to the beauty and grace of a woman is worth mentioning. The beauty of a woman is best showcased when draped in an elegant saree.

The pinnacle of traditional Indian master weaving was the Banarasi Silk Saree from Banarasi in north India and Kanjeevaram Silk saree from Kanjeevaram, south India. These silk sarees were woven with best quality silk mixed with gold and silver threads. Any woman would like to drape herself in such a saree on her wedding day, would she?

Designer sarees are one of the most splendid sarees of all. They are best suited for occasions such as wedding ceremonies, religious ceremonies, parties and get-togethers. Indian designer sarees have reintroduced to the fashion world by adding an exotic and artistic look to this age old attire. By redoing the blouse, the body of the saree, designers have created sarees which are appreciated not only in India, but also in many countries such as the US, UK, Canada, France and Australia.

• Wedding sarees are one of the most worked out sarees in terms of design and embroidery work. Designers are coming up with new designs for wedding sarees and dresses that modern women demand.

• Latest designs include sarees such as Chiffon design, Georgette design, Tissue design, printed design, embroidery design, lehenga design, wedding design, brasso design, party wear design sarees etc.

• Fashion designer sarees are designed with elegance, dignity, comfort and contemporary touch in mind. A good design of a saree is still dependent on the color. The color combination and design determine the popularity. Interests in color can range from person to person. So, designers provide many color options. The usual color combinations that one can find in sarees include deep beige, turquoise blue, ritzy pink, green, cream, off white, maroon, purple, dark brown, dark fawn and aqua, etc.

• The art and embroidery work on sarees is mainly composed of different forms of floral patterns, symmetric patterns and designs, with zari, resham, precious and semi-precious stone work, etc.

• Fashion designers are designing sarees with some of the most outrageous ideas. The trendy looks, the vibrant colors being used and the amount of art work on these fashion designer sarees make them a great choice for modern women.

• Apart from designer sarees, one can find ethnic Indian wear in designer dress range. These dresses include dresses like salwar kameez, ghagra choli, lehengas, etc. One can find numerous design variations and color combinations available in salwar kameez, ghagra choli and lehengas.

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What Popular Trends of Sarees Are Worth Taking a Look At?

Trendy Indian sarees are no more limited to Diwali and other festive occasions. Women in India and those living in other countries consider them as regular ladies garments. The credit for popularity gained by these women clothing items goes to the manufacturers and designers who come up with latest trends every now and then.

The ace designers from India take immense pleasure in designing innovative designs for dresses. This keeps on refreshing the fashion trends associated with these traditional dresses. Given below are some of the popular saree trends that are fresh, attention-grabbing and goes well with the demand of fashion age.

Lehnga sarees are among the most admired trends that women prefer to wear on different occasions. These Indian fashion is the mix of two traditional dresses - lehnga and saree. These are hugely comfortable sarees and preferred by those who find tying the original form of sarees a difficult process. These dressdesigns can be simple wrapped without worrying about the pleats. While it is time consuming and complicated to set pleats in original saree designs, the lehnga come with preset pleats. These dresses can be found in different colors, designs and with a variety of work done on them.

An interesting trend in Indian sarees is that of denim. These sarees are actually designed from pure silk, but reflect their material as denim. One can wear this as casual wear. A denim saree is soft to touch and adds a new dimension of style to the wearer's personality.

Maya sarees form another popular category of modern india. These are designed to change their color naturally when exposed to the sunlight. The word 'Maya' in Hindi means power to disguise and the name suits the behavior these sarees reflect. These are truly the wonderful designs and help women to receive focus in the daytime outdoor parties.

Reversible sarees represent one of the most useful forms of the Indian dresses. This is because a woman can wear these in more than one way. Generally designed with two different colors, these sarees can show 4 or more different pallus. This enables a woman to wear them in different way for different occasions. How about sarees with pockets for women to keep their keys, mobiles or pouches? Pocket sarees represent another new trend of dress patterns. These sarees have side pockets below the waist area. Some manufacturers make sarees with matching handbags that help women to carry two matching fashion accessories.

At the same time, the traditional Indian sarees too remain popular as ever. Zari sarees and chikan embroidered sarees, for example, are among the bestselling ladies garments. Sarees designed for special occasions like wedding are in constant demand as they play a significant role to help the women dress up gracefully. If you are opening a saree store, you must offer all these popular saree designs at your store. By doing so, you can help the customers to access the latest in fashionable traditional dresses.